Need to Sew Another Skirt


Need to Sew Another Skirt

So, my husband texts me this funny question a couple weeks before Christmas, “If we had money, what would you want for Christmas?” After I stopped laughing about the first part of that statement I responded, “Floor mats for my car and fabric for a skirt.”

Well, guess what, I got both 🙂 He had my oldest daughter buy some denim for me for a skirt and wrapped it up. It’s perfect, just what I wanted and enough for 2 skirts, YAY!

My second favorite skirt is showing a bit of wear… Here is a picture taken from the inside of my skirt, I am a bit scared it will split if I wear it again. Since I can see through the skirt it is just time to sew again, YAY!!

This skirt is worn almost through!




My plan is to copy this pattern to make 2 new skirts. I think I will embellish them a bit differently but not too much so they don’t look exactly the same.

Here is a picture of the front of the skirt… I really like the look of it.




I like the way the pockets are on the outside and are kind of like rectangles in the corners on each hip. It seems to me that the pockets will be easy to add and I just love having pockets on a skirt.

In a previous post about sewing my favorite skirt from a pattern of a skirt I liked, I did not add pockets, man I should have cuz I just love them.

Here is a picture of the pocket close up…




I really like the look of those pockets, they sit well on my hips, and hold a lot of stuff like a pacifier of the little boy I watch on Thursdays, or my grandson’s Cowboy figure, or a packet of Peanut M&M’s. Anyway, I really want to copy these pockets.

I started recreating this pattern by  measuring all the different parts of it. It is a 4 panel straightish skirt, with 2 pockets, an elastic waistband, it has those overserged seams (and I have a serger now!!), and about a 1/2″ hem. Pretty simple I think.


Here are the measurements

The front has 3 panels

Middle Panel: 

  • across the bottom 16 ½”

  • across the top 13”

  • across the middle 15”

  • from waist to hem 36” including length for the waist and hem



Right Hip Panel (which matches left hip panel):

  • across the bottom 9 ½”

  • across the top 8”

  • middle matches base of pocket which is 6 1/2″





  • top to bottom on the long side 11”

  • across the bottom 8 ½” ,

  • down the short side 6 ½”

  • across the top 4 ½”

  • pocket starts  2 ¼” from the top

  • pocket ends 20 ¼” from bottom

(pocket picture above) 

I have detailed measurements of the pockets and their placement because, as you can tell, I love these pockets!




Back panel:

  • across the bottom 33 ½”

  • from waistband to bottom hem 37″

  • across the top 25”

  • across middle from the base of pockets across back 28”




My plan is to use these measurement to cut out a new skirt and create one that looks and feels like this one. We will see how that goes.

When I finish up the new skirt I will post a link HERE, with pictures of how it went, of course.

Happy sewing.


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